New Visions for your Home with GoogleGlass

New Visions for your Home with GoogleGlass
February 28, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

Imagine standing in a showroom and  speaking instructions that call up a photo of the room which you are renovating or improving, so you literally have it right there in front of your eyes.

Imagine video taping your projects, your interactions with your contractors by simply asking your google glasses to start video taping.

Image driving by a magnificent home and snapping a quick photo to remind you of a particular architectural feature to add to your design scrapbook – forget having to “dig” for a camera or even a phone – just instruct your google glass to do it for you.

Image capturing your child’s first step because you can just say “take a video” and there it is. Then give the command to share it instantly with family and friends – no more posting, attaching, downloading…

WOW – google glass in order to capture all of your important life experiences – it is hassle free – without the need for tech knowledge! “Disrupting” how home improvement is done !!!