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New Trend – New Look – Barn Doors

New Trend – New Look – Barn Doors
February 11, 2015 SNH Editorial Team

They used to be part of a rustic, barn vernacular.  But today’s barn door mechanisms come in modern, if not contemporary styles.  Check out these looks…

contemporary barn door hardware


modern barn door hardware

barn door hardware

I have said it before, hardware is what we touch and feel – it’s more than a decorative piece.  “Touch” adds another sense to sight. That’s what makes it even more important !

How do you go about it?  Select the material for your barn door.  It sets the tone from more modern to transitional.  As you see here it can be anything – glass, wood, metal.  Then find the right hardware look to go with it.

Don’t think of doors just as a utility – a way to close off a room.  Set the tone, make a statement.

Price points range widely depending on the quality starting around $350-2,000.

Don’t limit your imagination. Do the unexpected.  Finally ,determine if the front facing mount or a top facing mount is right style for your home improvement project.

I am planning to incorporate a modern looking barn door in my next home improvement project – stay tuned!