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New 3D-Vision Stud Finder Sensor Lets You See Inside Your Walls

New 3D-Vision Stud Finder Sensor Lets You See Inside Your Walls
September 2, 2016 SNH Editorial Team
Stud Finder

Want to mount a TV securely – even the thinnest is still pretty heavy – or even hang a picture. Will you know where your studs are? We can all relate to the difficulties here and traditional stud finders can be a bit hit and miss.

But a 3D imaging sensor company is hoping to change that by giving you a look inside your walls via Walabot, a consumer version of Vayyar Imaging’s powerful sensor technology that allows can look through walls to detect structural foundations and other materials. The company even claims that the technology can integrate with smart home systems to help track a person’s location as well as vital signs as they move about the home.

The device is currently only available on Android smart phones. The primary functionality of the system is really more of a safety and security feature according to the company.

“Walabot instantly turns a smartphone into a powerful 3D-imaging system at your fingertips. Our advanced technology lets people see all kinds of things hidden in the world around them, adding yet another dimension to the way people use smart devices today,” said Raviv Melamed, CEO and co- founder, Vayyar Imaging. “Walabot makes highly sophisticated imaging technology approachable, affordable and usable for everyone.”

Walabot will be pre-installed with Vayyar-created apps at launch. Additionally, the Walabot API was made available to the public in April, giving makers and inventors an opportunity to develop content that takes advantage of Walabot’s unique 3D imaging sensor technology.

It will be fun to watch as technologies like this continue to expand on to the scene and make our lives easier in the home.