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Must-Have Kitchen Tools

Must-Have Kitchen Tools
December 2, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

What is the very first step to enjoying a nice bottle of wine? Using the “Rabbit” Corkscrew to uncork the bottle. Not all households have them – perfect Gift!Years ago, when they first came to the market we received one as a Christmas gift.  When we opened the package it seemed a bit basic to be honest: a corkscrew….boy were we wrong!  The Rabbit made by Metrokane is a great gift.

It is a so-called lever corkscrew.  Others perhaps more familiar are the twist style, pump style or wing corkscrews of yesteryear.  Even fancy electric corkscrews do not come close to the ease and style of opening a bottle of wine with the Rabbit.

In my view, inventors who can make things simple are simply brilliant.  This most certainly applies to the creator of the Rabbit. Operate the lever one way and the corkscrew plunges into the cork, pull it back and out comes the cork.  That’s it. Anyone can do it with ease.

The new vertical Rabbit takes simplicity yet to another level since it means you no longer have to bracket two arms around the bottleneck before operating the lever.

Every household simply has to have a Rabbit. Today the Rabbit comes in many fun colors and finishes at various price points staring at $39.99 online.

You simply can’t beat the Rabbit.

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