Mom’s Landscaping Wisdom for Household Plants

Mom’s Landscaping Wisdom for Household Plants
February 14, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

Heating season means dry air for your household plants.  We have blogged about products that convert dust into plant food . Here is another super easy trick: 

My mom’s trick – she has a green thumb: Instead of dumping left over tea, let it cool and feed it to your household plants.  Did you add in a little honey or sugar? Great your plants will love it too though avoid milk. – sorry, English tea drinkers.

I tested this over the past few months with one of our houseplants that showed serious signs of distress (see photo).  Simply adding more water did not really work.  The soil could only absorb so much water.  The rest ran through the soil and sat in the basin below.  The tell-tell sign for this: browned leaf edges (see left leaf)

Plant malnourishment can be seen in the same leaf.  The structure of the leaf is bumpy or buckling.  All I did to correct both symptoms: continue normal watering AND ADD TEA ! The results are remarkable – see the many leaves this plant is now producing.

Try it – so easy – TEA – so simple AND IT WORKS!