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Mix Modern with "Cabin Look"

Mix Modern with "Cabin Look"
March 23, 2015 SNH Editorial Team

Pinterest is filled with these cool wood wall accents.  Here is the product. Here is how you do it…


The product is called Stikwood.  It’s easy.  It’s a DIY weekend installation.

Each plank has three glue strips in back.  Just peal off cover and stick it on the wall.  Then roller it down for good adhesion and that’s it. EASY – great effects!

Costs run between $8-14 / linear foot with the distressed woods at the high end. Order directly from Stikwood.

Talked to the owner’s son at the Architectural Design Home Show who claims once the glue has completely dried – about 3 hours – the product does not delaminate with moisture though it is not water resistant.

Let your imagination go – from wall panels to headboards (beds) to ceilings…Happy planking! Happy “stiking”!


“Stikwood Adhesive Wood Paneling” by Wicker Paradise is licensed under CC BY 2.0