Living Without Regrets –Security Home Products – Safes

Living Without Regrets –Security Home Products – Safes
October 3, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

STOP:  Don’t be in the “I-should-have-had-one…” group of homeowners.  Protection of your valuables against theft and fire is not something to be casual about.  Yet most people purchase a safe after loosing their most cherished stuff – in a burglary or to fire. Are safes expensive? Yes!  Are the heavy? Yes! Are they a pain to install? Yes!

However, the biggest pain is the one you feel after your valuables are gone.

There are a number of reputable companies that make safes from small to large sizes, floor units, document only units, etc.  They all carry fire ratings and certified levels of burglary protection.  The more safety the heavier the unit – so do check with a structural engineer ahead of time.

You get what you pay for in safes: the more protection, the heavier and the more expensive. Some have the old-fashion locks – you dial in combinations…so much to the right and back to another number on the left and so on.  Others have digital locks where you punch in a code.

If your safe is to be built into a wall unit check the swing of the safe door.  The safe door must swing widely or at least 120 degrees. There are many hinges available in standard units.  Acme Safe Co. based in New York City prides itself in making custom safes.  Among many other features, they offer a receding door, which slides into a pocket much like a pocket door – just with a lot more armor plates surrounding it all.

Most safe manufacturers offer drawer inserts with a variety of layouts and compartment sizes. The drawers are commonly stacked on top of each other into a cabinet.  Empire Safe, for example offers an interiors in a variety of wood finishes.

Naturally, Acme Safe Co will make you any size and detail you desire.  They are truly a custom manufacturer. They can also provide lighting inside the safe and – watch collectors listen up – you can have watch winders inside your safe.

Finding a suitable location for your safe can be difficult in already built out rooms.  Here are the key criteria: (1) The safe should be easily accessible to you – so that you will use it to always store away our jewelry, papers and other valuables instead of putting them on your bed stand (even temporarily) or around your home office.  (2) it must be hidden and as far away from entrance doors as possible to lengthen the time it would take for  intruders to do their “work”.


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