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Light Fixtures meet Art

Light Fixtures meet Art
May 20, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

It is exciting to see young talent from around the world take a medium – in this case the age old craft of glass blowing – to a whole new artistic expression.

Jacopo Foggini’s range of hand-blown glass fixtures or, better yet sculptures, are truly one-of-a-kind statement pieces.  While relatively unknown in the United States he is no newcomer as evidenced by a long list of exhibitions in Europe and press coverage from around the world.   Regretfully, the beauty of Foggini’s light sculptures does not come through in his rather confusing and difficult to view website.

Foggini has an uncommon blend of representational pieces displaying flowers, fish and jellyfish to abstract shapes such as discs, squares, drops and glass bands.  There is a collection of more conventional yet still dramatic chandeliers as well as.  In his suspended ceiling pieces Foggini plays with the source of light.  While some are conventionally lit from the inside of a glass shape, others glass sculptures are lit from a floor fixture adding even more drama to the installation.

Smaller, tabletop light sculptures can be found suspended in frames with low-voltage fixtures built into the frame so that light illuminates the glass pieces from both sides as well as the bottom.

Chandeliers are by definition meant to be a statement.  They are to represent the flair of the house as well as its owner.  In large homes, truly large and dramatic chandeliers are needed to visually articulate the space.  Jacopo Foggini’s unique artistic light pieces meet all of these challenges.  Think of light fixtures as art and give your home a light sculpture.