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Light Drops from Heaven

Light Drops from Heaven
May 16, 2014 SNH Editorial Team

It’s been said that lighting is the jewelry of every room.  Redoing a kitchen?  These modern glass and metal fixtures are stunning over a center island.

The quality of traditional craftsmanship meets modern design – the perfect combination.  So often in the US, quality American-made craftsmanship means traditionally design products. Yet, the trend in homes is clearly pointing in a more modern direction.

In the world of lighting, often modern looking light fixtures are imported from Europe and even many brand-name, expensive fixtures tend to be a bit on the flimsy side – they look good from afar but don’t get to much into details.  I am speaking in broad strokes, of course but the quality of  lights from lighting designers like Ingo Maurer, Flos and others is often lacking. Often, the design is beautiful but the quality is not so great!

In one of my previous homes I selected Hubbardton Forge lights along an entire 100-foot+ long lower level hallway.  In my experience Hubbardton Forge lights are really well made.

Check out the many other pendent, table and exterior lights from Hubbardton Forge.  From lofts to modern homes – they are statement pieces.

I am thrilled to see this new series and will be sure to recommend them to the owners of one of my kitchen and other build projects.