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LED Light Bulbs: Get The Brightness Right

LED Light Bulbs: Get The Brightness Right
July 21, 2016 Sabine H. Schoenberg
LED Light Bulbs

Throughout The Greenwich House we have recessed LED lights installed. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am by how great the fixtures look and how beautiful the light quality is. It caused me to ask my electrician, Brendan Galvin of Galvin Electric, why the light quality of these LED light bulbs are so much better than others I’ve tried previously.

Brendan explained that there are two key measurements when it comes to LED light bulbs; color and intensity. Seemingly slight variations within each measurement have a dramatic impact on the light quality in your home.


In the old world of incandescent light bulbs a 100 watt bulb is whiter and brighter than a 60 watt bulb which is darker and has a yellowish tone. LED lights also have different color variations. Their color is shown as a K-rating. What is K-rating? It is a measurement in terms of degrees of Kelvin (a scientific measurement of temperature) on a scale of 1,000 to 10,000.

Typically 2000 – 6500K is where indoor lighting lands. Natural daylight hits at approximately 2700-3500K. The higher the K-rating, the bluer the hue of the color will be. Higher ratings such as 4000K might be used in a utility room or garage, but would not be a good choice for inside a home.


This is the measurement for LED bulbs that many people are not aware of.  While it is stated on packages it’s not as noticeable when you look at demonstration walls in the hardware store. Intensity is measured as CRI, or color rendering index. It’s essentially how a lightbulb is able to reproduce the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with a natural light source. To the human eye it reads as light intensity. At The Greenwich House the recessed LED’s have a 90 CRI rating. This is higher than the more common LED light bulbs you find which have a CRI rating of 75-80. These lower CRI rated bulbs equate to a less desireable lackluster light quality. The recessed LED’s at The Greenwich House are bright and they simply feel like daylight.

Take a look at our video below as Brendon explains this in short. He really did a great job selecting the perfect recessed lights for The Greenwich House. Each room, including the windowless lower level is bright and beautiful.