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Leaf Cleanup, Let’s Talk About The Best Options

Leaf Cleanup, Let’s Talk About The Best Options
November 14, 2015 SNH Editorial Team

This year in Connecticut, there seem to be more leaves than in years past.  While leaves are ok, and even desirable protective cover around bushes for the winter, it is important to clean up the leaves across your lawn, and especially drain areas so water and snow melt can get into and be absorbed by the ground quickly after storms.

Some environmentalist will tell you not to pick up leaves and let nature “do its thing”. Yes, green and brown matter mixed together creates nutrient rich mulch.  But this is hardly an overnight affair.  In fact, a lot of leaves on your lawn can rot the grass. A compost pile, if your property is large enough so that it is not unsightly for you or your neighbors, will do just fine.  Otherwise try “green tea” for your lawn next year and remove the leaves for now.

What to do with all those leaves? This depends on your property size and local municipal pick up.  If your town has leaf pick up, simply pile up the leaves in designated areas.  Be sure to keep leaf piles or bags off sidewalks and roadways to avoid accidents.  To keep your leaf cleanup eco-friendly, bag leaves in paper bags for recycling or hire a landscaper to come and suck up leaf piles.  There may be dumping fees since most take the loads to municipal leaf recycling facilities.