Lastest Trend in Landscaping

Lastest Trend in Landscaping
August 24, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

As the evenings begin to get cooler again, entertain your friends with… a fire after dinner.  Get a fire pit!

In this fire pit beautiful stonewalls surround a portable metal fire pit. It certainly can be as elaborate as the one pictured here but no matter how dressed up your fire pit is make your fire experience a positive one with the following rules:

(1) Secret to a great fire – have air flowing freely all around the logs

(2) Always have a metal screen covering the fire long after you think the fire has gone out

(3) Know the wind direction so that the smoke drifts away from your guests

You can find inexpensive metal fire pits online. You will likely leave it in the rain, which results in water ponding at the bottom of the pit.  This will cause the metal to rust and eventually to rust through.  No big deal – just get a new one after a few years.  In the meantime, ambiance and fun from your fire pit will be the perfect ending to a lovely evening with your friends.