Landscaping Ideas – From Ugly to Focal Point

Landscaping Ideas – From Ugly to Focal Point
December 10, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

Details, details…this is what creates a truly refined high-end custom home. It is what sets it apart from builder projects.  But what kind of details?  Unique light fixtures, hardware, pools and spas – yes to all of the above.  But how about one of the most basic and utilitarian of landscape detail – grates.Before you ever enter a home you drive up to it.  Giving your home a proper landscape context is what makes all the difference.  It is where good design begins.

How about turning commonly ugly but necessary utilitarian drainage grates, catch basin grates and the like into outright decorative design features? It is one way to establish the highest design standards. Why not make them an integral part of around your driveway, for example? It is one approach of adding “design sizzle” to one of the most mundane and, should I say boring but must-have elements of today’s landscape – your driveway.  Why not turn your driveway into statement in your landscape design.

Need an overflow drain around your pool? Make it a pleasant part of your design with visually interesting gates!

Iron Age Designs is a US company that produces beautifully designed grates that fit standard size drains, grates, tree rings etc.  Image looking at the smiley face/ sun instead of a grate you would rather hide with plantings. Their castings are made from recycled materials – eco-friendly & stylish…an irresistible combination.

Check out the designs by  Ironsmith as well.

Other features: The owner of Iron Age Designs tells us they will produce any design on a custom basis.   Also, their “Urban Rhythms” trench grate is ADA accessible AND high-heel proof.  Women: How wonderful would it be to get around a city and not map out where you can step and where you cannot step given the shoe you are wearing?!  Should you find yourself with drainage grates near and/or around your front or side door entrances this one is simply a MUST HAVE.

I cannot wait to see Iron Age Designs roll out grates in the shape of QR codes – just kidding. Only your imagination limits what kind of designs and patterns can be created. See for yourself!