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Landscaping Ideas – Dust as Plant Food

Landscaping Ideas – Dust as Plant Food
January 6, 2016 SNH Editorial Team

Our ficus tree was struggling:  Some leaves were yellow, others dried up and yet others had some sticky material on them.  When I asked the local nursery if over-watering or under-watering might be cause of this mixed bag of symptoms I got no clear answer, nor direction.

Artscape Organic Landscaping‘ Mike Pappas, a dedicated proponent of organic gardening products hands me a bottle of Leafzyme and a bag of BioPellets.  Both are made by Tainio Technology  & Technique, Inc.

Per Mike’s instructions, I spread BioPellets, slow releasing nutrient pellets around the base of the fichus.  I figure giving nutrients is never a bad thing.  Tainio claims they are 100% organic, a good thing since right away our puppy chews a few – luckily without problems even for his rather sensitive stomach.

Mike further insists on spraying the ficus generously with Leafzyme after explaining Leafzyme activates beneficial microbes present on indoor plants so they feed on common dust. Convert dust into plant food?! It sounds to good to be true.

But wouldn’t you know it: The ficus is back to health! It is growing new leaves.  The sticky stuff on its leaves is gone. AND there is no longer a need to even attempt dusting off the many ficus leaves.  Simply give it a little spray once in a while.  What a win-win for houseplants and owners of houseplants.