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Know the "Lifestyle Comfort Score" in your Kitchen – Exhaust Vents

Know the "Lifestyle Comfort Score" in your Kitchen – Exhaust Vents
November 15, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

There are so many kitchen hoods; it can be confusing. Most designers speak of……decision points around style and function points.  Important as these are, they are missing perhaps the most important consideration:

I call it the “living comfort score”. So often homeowners buy exhaust hoods with high CFM capacity without realizing just how noisy these units can be.

As we explain in more detail in my new book “Kitchen Magic” today’s social side of kitchens makes exhaust noise considerations more important than ever since constant, high intense motor noise is sure hinder any conversation.

So-called remote/roof venting units provide the ultimate solution. The exhaust hood motor sits outside, on your roof.  This requires a chase from your kitchen hood up to your roof.  Manufacturers’ specifications usually allow for just a few minor bends in the ductwork. Be sure to plan for such a case in any new construction project – it is so worth it!

Unfortunately, in existing homes a remote exhaust hood can be prohibitively complicated and expensive.  Gauge carefully how much noise you can live with.  Insist on seeing not only CFM – cubic feet per minute draw – specifications but noise level details.

Once you determine these important tolerances for your ears, then, and only then focus on the second important category of style.  Since hoods are big they are a dominant style point in your kitchen.

While there are many fun new hoods on the market from companies like Vent-A-Hood, for example, you might spring for a custom hood.

RangeCraft is one company that offers a wide selection of semi-custom and custom crafted hoods. Should your heart be set on one particular look and feel they will build to your and your designer’s specifications.

For more information and so many interesting hood designs check out my brand new book, “Kitchen Magic” – see my intro video and free chapter download.

Have fun finding the right hood for your kitchen and your ears.  It is an important element in creating a fabulous kitchen, i.e. ensuring a great kitchen experience.  Take your time to get this one just right!