Kitchen Remodels = Couples Therapy

Kitchen Remodels = Couples Therapy
December 31, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

I recently re-discovered the deeper significance of creating beautiful and functional spaces in my own home.  Creating this center island (video project details soon to come) turned our dys-funtional, old kitchen into one where two people can prepare food together, talk about the experiences of the day or week and be together.  What a concept ….

The moment this island was complete it became an anchor in our home. Life now takes place around it – it is hard to image a time when it did not exist. The island simply added a new dimension of dialog and communication to our lives. Beyond the bricks-and-mortal benefits of more storage space etc. it offers so much more.

As a designer and building professional I knew how needed the center island was/is in this kitchen.  This is after all why I designed it and in fact started the soon-to-come video series “The ONE Thing”.  However, experiencing the impact of this kitchen center island project first-hand really drives home – no pun intended – the power of the right home improvement projects. 

Turning ugly and dysfunctional design, lay-outs and installations into beautiful home surroundings that everyone feels drawn to has immeasurable benefits.

Even my husband commented: “…why did we wait this long?” The lesson: do not wait! Take on your projects.  Figure out “The One Thing” that is likely to have impact to your family life and enjoy all the benefits every moment!