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Kitchen Make-over – Do you see what’s Changed?

Kitchen Make-over – Do you see what’s Changed?
April 24, 2014 SNH Editorial Team

Check out this kitchen remodel sent in by a reader: From “blah” 80’s builder kitchen to a fresh new look & expanded function with simple and inexpensive but powerful improvements.  WOW… Do you see the three things… outside of the obvious, the new appliances? See “before” and “after” below.

(1)  Kitchen Island – from workstation to social hot spot

This reader took to heart the observation I make in my book Kitchen Magic that today’s kitchens are as much cooking spaces as social gathering space.  Her clever solution for her kitchen:  Taking off the granite counter on the island and replacing it with a larger one. A couple of new posts and voila…. there is the all-important new kitchen island seating area! Not a lot of money – powerful effect: Kudos!


(2)  Backsplash – from depressing to engaging

The backsplash is what your eyes see first.  I call it “the fashion statement in a kitchen”. The uniform grey 4×4” tile is certainly boring but borders on depressing. The new tumbled marble adds color and texture. Even in this snapshot, you almost want to reach in and touch it – what a difference!


(3)  Paint – cabinet and wall transformations

Out with the dated blond oak look without hardware – the no longer “hipp” 80’s look, and in with clean, modern white cabinetry, simple knobs and pulls – what a difference!  She used Rust-o-leum’s cabinet refinishing system – no sanding just scrub with a deglosser that comes in the kit, clean and follow with bonding and finish coats.  A quick rerolling of the walls and it’s done – what a transformation!

This is an excellent example of how the right home improvements are life-changing….from sort of functioning kitchen to one where you love to cook AND hang out.  What’s your example? Send it as this reader did!

Before & After Photos: From “Blah” to “Beautiful”

Kitchen and Breakfast













After - Kitchen Remodel