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Kitchen Gear for Foodies

Kitchen Gear for Foodies
May 20, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

Once in a while new products hit the marketplace that are so perfect that you wonder: why did this not exist before?  Such is the case with…
…Leifheit’s new splatter guard for pans.

It may sound like a nice-to-have kitchen gadget but any cooking enthusiast will tell you it is a must-have so that you can avoid spending hours cleaning up and spending more time cooking.

Splatter guards made of screens for pans are nothing new.  Use one of these on a restaurant-style range, which pumps out a lot of btu’s and you’ll quickly find out no matter how small the flame, you will likely melt the guard.  Not so with Leifheit’s all aluminum splatter guard.

Calphalon makes one and so does Oxo but neither has the one critical feature Leifheit’s has:

Leifheit’s so-called “splash guard”  (poor translation by the company) is made out of aluminum AND it unfolds and/or folds up like a fan.  Thus you can fully cover the pan or also leave a section open for venting during cooking.  Finally, stowing away is super easy since the guard folds up into a little pie-shape.

Fortunately, we live in a worldwide internet marketplace as Leifheit’s splatter guard is not sold in the US;  so buy it online.

The Leifheit splatter guard costs around $50.  While to some the price may sound steep, it is they perfect gift to your foodie friends.  They will love it!

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