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Kitchen Design with MUST-HAVE Accessories – Tea Kettle

Kitchen Design with MUST-HAVE Accessories – Tea Kettle
November 15, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

Looking for a gift for a friend who just went through a kitchen remodel? Or, have a friend who dreams about a kitchen refresh? Either case, this kettle from Alessi inspires.  It is eye-catching, has a great whistle and water seems to boil a little faster than with other kettles – our guess it’s the quality of metal used at the bottom.

Most kitchen remodels include fabulous looking commercial stoves or state-of-the-art conduction ovens.  “Dress them” with just the right kitchen accessories.

This kettle, designed by Michael Graves is the number one seller at Alessi Design since 1985.  Originally designed as a post-modern accessory, it’s playful look and simple lines have become a classic.

It comes in various color configurations and finishes.  Our pick: the original one seen in the photo as the front kettle.  Simply timeless and fun!