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Kitchen Design: Memo meets Artwork

Kitchen Design: Memo meets Artwork
September 20, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

Stainless kitchen appliances continue to be the rage in kitchen remodels. How about continuing the vernacular of stainless steel surfaces into other highly visible items such as stainless steel message boards.The shiny surface of the stainless has a clean, edgy… and modern look yet somewhat retro look and feel. Your eyes are naturally drawn to them.

Today computers and smart phones do a lot of our organizing work. However sometimes visuals outstrip virtual reminders.

•Want to stay on a certain diet?  Give yourself visual cues.

•Have kids who create ever-new artwork, which you want to display                                     tastefully with the ability to rotate them easily?

•Have collectables? I am into collecting antique stickers from ad campaigns

We have a couple of these stainless message boards.  As a photographer I find myself “sticking up” proofs.  Having the images around me outside my studio allows me to contemplate them in a different real-life setting.

Psychologists tell us that the visuals around us create impressions, which in turn contribute to our thinking.  So why not attract the eye with an attractive shiny square surface / image so beautiful that your mind wants to go there.  There is positively no reason to go back to rambling old pin boards.

You can find the stainless steel kitchen message boards at Pottery Barn. They are inexpensive and depending on size, sell for $15.00-99.00 (online catalog). Once you have one, you will agree that you want them to be the biggest they can be in your kitchen.