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Tea Kettle Complications – Danger in Home Goods

Tea Kettle Complications – Danger in Home Goods
March 2, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

A well-meaning friend recently gave me this “Alessi” tea kettle as a gift. It is a design by the German designer Richard Sapper. It sure “saps” you. But let’s start with the two positive features. Love the look and love the baritone, train whistle like sound it makes to announce the water is boiling. Unfortunately, this is where the positives end.

On the negative side, which is why we are demonstrating the kettle here for you, the pully to open the kettle and pour water is made of metal. IT GETS REALLY HOT – SO HOT YOU NEED TO USE A POT HOLDER OR TOWEL. This is not an easy task since, as you can see there is only enough room for a finger….

If it has not burned your hand yet THE STEAM ESCAPING NATURALLY FROM THE SPOUT WHEN POURING WILL. Due to this short, stubby spout, the hot, hot, hot steam rises right into the direction of your hand.

Who ever  the folks are  behind the voting  for the Compassi D’Orso award clearly (!) are coffee drinkers. No one ever used this kettle!

Alessi proudly announces this was their first ever kettle. It is surprising they are still in business because this is no advertising for industrial design. Simply put: do not buy nor ever use this kettle.