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Is your Bathroom Tile Male or Female?

Is your Bathroom Tile Male or Female?
April 2, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

Tile is decorative.  Tile is expressive.  Tile sets the tone for a room. Is this new? Hardly. Mosaic tile found in century-old mosques… and wealthy homes across North African countries like Morocco, Tunisia, Algiers as well as in countries like Spain have always featured fabulous tile and tile patterns. So what’s new? An organic, feminine side to tile!

Today’s computerized precision cutting tools can make tile in infinite numbers of shapes including delicate, ornate rounded and organic shapes, as the photo shows.  Today, tile can be produced with filigree detail. Before computerized cutters, edges could not be produced with today’s exactness.  Two separate materials could not match and fit together with today’s level of perfection.

Unlike the rectilinear, masculine patterns of past centuries today’s new organic patterns add a softer, organic, female look and feel to tile. Of all the tile producers Artistic Tile captures this new dimension more than any other company. Their advertising campaigns feature male tile draped over gorgeous looking men and female tile cladding equally beautiful women.  It underscores Artistic Tile’s awareness of this new, expanded dimension in tile.