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Home Indoor Air Quality: The Next Big Home Category

Home Indoor Air Quality: The Next Big Home Category
August 11, 2016 SNH Editorial Team
Home Indoor Air Quality

Home indoor air quality is becoming the leading concern among consumers and is driving a new category of home products that is projected to reach over $5.64 billion by 2021.

Devices that impact indoor air quality largely focus on heating and cooling, humidity control, fresh-air circulation, and air purification. These combined elements can tremendously impact not only quality of life within a home, but also work to preserve home value over time by protecting against common maintenance ailments such as mold, mildew, and rot.

Jon Fischer, an HVAC automation rep in Minnesota noted that he lost a good $20,000-30,000 on a home he sold recently because the wood casings around the windows were damaged from condensation. Proper ventilation and humidification could have preserved the value of their home and kept them more comfortable.

“Obviously indoor air quality is nothing sexy like 4K TV,” Fisher says. “it’s only the air we breathe.”

In our recent project at The Greenwich House, Sabine worked closely with the HVAC contractor, AMHAC, to ensure that the home had adequate environmental controls. From the Zehnder Fresh-Air ERV system, to humidity and temperature controls. It all comes together to achieve energy efficiency, comfort, and preserve the structural and finish details within the home.

Consumers are becoming more aware of the unintended consequence of poor air quality in super insulated homes. As a result, we expect that we’ll see an explosion of innovations in this area and are eager to check them out as they come on to the market.