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Increased Home Value through Nature’s Goods

Increased Home Value through Nature’s Goods
April 9, 2014 SNH Editorial Team

Can you increase  home value through home improvement? Yes, start with one that gives you the biggest “bang for your bucks”….

Flooring! Natural flooring,  solid wood or engineered flooring provides a dramatic change throughout your entire home.  While statisticians like to talk about the percent return on installations, I say, judge  home improvements projects by asking: “What makes my home more attractive looking?” It’s that simple!

Increased home value comes from the fact a buyer/buyers like it, or shall I say, they fall in love with it and then must have it.

Making rooms, the spaces we live in attractive is the key.  This sounds obvious but many sellers miss it.  The”Before” photo shows an empty, carpeted room – the furniture has been removed.  What’s left is old, stained carpet.   Would you like to live in that? No!  It repels people. Would you like to live with someone’s worn carpet? It feels unclean. It raises issues of cleanliness and health.

Often hardwood floors can be found underneath it. Rip up the old carpet and refinish the wood. What a world of difference. What a turn around. Before and after photos are a great way to illustrate the power of home improvement.

Here is one more simple home improvement tip that makes your kitchen more attractive.  Check it out!

Find many more simple value-add home improvement ideas from kitchen renovations in my “Kitchen Magic“.


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