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Important Home Décor in your Kitchen

Important Home Décor in your Kitchen
December 18, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

What’s wrong with this picture? The most important aspect of any counter/bar stool: the correct height of the seat.

Bar stools come in many styles, shapes, designs  & price points – traditional or modern, back or seat only. They are easy to find from many sources including many online sellers.

In the absence of “test sitting” a bar stool prior to your purchase search for the one that meets the most important criteria: the proper relationship to the counters!  Allow at least 8” of clear space for your legs under the counter.

Without it, your upper body will also sit too high above the surface of the counter.  Food, newspapers and coffee will feel unusually far / low.  This simple factor is the most important element to get right in any bar/counter stool. Then have fun finding just the right style for your kitchen!