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Home Security – important in Home Improvement

Home Security – important in Home Improvement
July 10, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

A friend recently proudly described his security upgrade to electromagnetic locks at all of the entry doors to his house.  Is this a good idea? Yes, as long as there is power passing through the electromagnet (installed in the door frame) to attract the armature plate (installed in the door). NO POWER – NO LOCK! So it depends on the sophistication of the burglar.

Do you have teenagers? Then you might like the keypad entry feature, which eliminates the need for keys. The fact that keys can no longer be lost is a definite advantage. Complete Magnetic entry systems start around $250 for complete systems.

Are there other options to electromagnetic door locks?

Yes, Recently Samsung created the digital door locks – EZON line of keyless door access hardware.  The biggest benefit: when power is lost, back-up batteries ensure that your lock stays secure. It is a deadbolt-based system  operated by  keypad.  An upgrade to “vandal & weather resistant” keypad is available and is a worthwhile addition.

Another option is SimpliciKey which is now being sold at Home Depot, for example.

While door locks are not the “sexiest” topic it is one to pay attention to prior to a home invasion.  I urge you to consider these locks for your home!