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Garden Magic – Secrets for Spring

Garden Magic – Secrets for Spring
October 2, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

It’s that time of year again: Cool air is coming to the East Coast  announcing the arrival of fall. Time to get plants, shrubs and trees ready for winter AND next year’s spring.  Come February / March winter seems to drag on –drab, gray cold winter days seem to not want to end.  Everyone cannot wait for vibrant spring colors to reappear.

Here is the key: Giving your garden lush growth and spring color starts in the fall with a good dusting of Holly-tone, the organic fertilizer for all acid-loving plants like hollies, azaleas, evergreens, dogwoods and rhododendron. For an added boost into spring, give a somewhat lighter late/winter early spring application of Holly–tone.

Hollytone is easy to get.   Buy it at major home improvement products box stores and gardening centers.

Application is easy: simply dust the soil around all the acid lovers in your garden. I usually take an old soup can, cottage cheese container or the like and “dust up” the whole general area. This isn’t science.

Usually bags of soil and seed can be heavy.  They are difficult, especially for women  to lift and move around.  I wind up bracing bags against my body to have any chance turning my gardening cloths in a mess every tie. Not so Holly-tone bags.  They are heavy but the manufacturer provides all-important finger holds at the top of the bag.  What a simple and effective idea.  You wonder why other producers of fertilizers, seed and soil cannot figure this out!

Is all of this effort worth it? The “Proof is in the pudding”…. as the saying goes:  Since I spread Holly-tone fall and early spring “religiously” our neighbors are asking what I am doing that our azaleas, rhodos etc are so much more vibrant and lush than theirs…. Try it and see for yourself!

WOW- the right nutrients + nature responds – simply fantastic!