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Home Improvement Products for Peace & Quiet

Home Improvement Products for Peace & Quiet
January 22, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

Is the noise level in your house driving you up the wall? Noise control in homes is one of the least discussed yet highest-impact issues in homes.  Most homeowners try to remedy the situation with interior decorations NOT KNOWING that there are building products that would have and can solve this problem.

Homeowners often fall in love with the floors in the homes they buy.  Yet, to control noise they find themselves laying a plush rug over their beautiful wood floors. Next they seek to hang drapes and in the process cover up woodwork – again to control noise. Bathrooms too are noise chambers – most homeowners have no solution here – they simply put up with it.

Downsizing? Living on a smaller footprint? It is really nice not to have to be bothered by the music your teenager is playing one room over!

So here are proven products that sharply reduce noise in a home.  Yes, they cost a little more, but this is an excellent example of quality home improvement products providing measurable (!) impact on the quality of life.

Sheetrock is the most used wall material.  Layering two levels of ½ sheetrock helps to dampen noise.  However, adding Green Glue to the back of the second layer increases noise control tremendously.  Check out this short video to see how it’s done

Insulation like Roxul and open and even better close cell spray foams between walls are also good sound insulators.

Sheetrock made by Quietrock is the very best.  It literally absorbs sound waves. It looks and installs much like sheetrock but the material incorporates viscoelastic polymer layers which are proven sound baffles.  Of course this carries the highest cost/ square foot. And, don’t forget to seal around electrical outlets and switches with QuietPutty. Take off outlet and switch plates and carefully fill any cavities! This is an important detail!

Do-it-yourselfer should check out two more products. Both install easily behind sheetrock. Hullboard It is a semi-rigid board that comes in standard panel sizes and Acousti-Board Ultra, a 100% recycled synthetic fiber panel.

Floor underlayments are the answer with wood flooring. There are a variety of products from woven fabrics, special felt-like materials to certain foams and rubber products. Personally, I prefer the latter, and particularly the membrane made by Iso-Step.  It is made from recycled rubber tires – it is a win/win when recycled / green products contribute to healthy living!

Bathrooms too can achieve noise muffling.  Install the tile with an acoustical adhesive such as Quiet Tile.  You will notice especially how much impact noise from heals on the tile floor is reduced.

Give your home peace and quiet through the home improvement products you select – you deserve it!