Home Goods with a Purpose – "Power Robo"

Home Goods with a Purpose – "Power Robo"
March 6, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

At their investor conference at the Ambiente in Frankfurt, Germany Leifheit introduced its new “Power Robo”. I cannot wait for it to come onto the US market.

Here is why… Take a look at its shape.  It’s a triangle. Unlike all of the other units on the market today, which are round this little “guy” gets into the corners. It’s low enough to get under beds and furniture too. What a concept! You can set it to run 30/60 or 90 minutes. Plug in the rechargeable battery and get it ready for the next round.

Robo has an electro statically charged cloth to which dust particles and pet hair – for all of us pet lovers – adhere.  The cover can be washed in the washing machine!

Run it on wood, tile and laminate surfaces and have your house clean.  Set it up in the morning before leaving for work in the morning and come back to a clean house, one room at a time, thanks to this little robot.

Robo should retail around $49-59 – well worth it considering all of the cleaning time Robo will cut down.

Message to all REAL ESTATE BROKERS: new open house set-up rules…turn off the cleaning robot prior to open house.  Just kidding…but no…this is going to be reality!