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Hardware to express Your Personality

Hardware to express Your Personality
May 1, 2015 SNH Editorial Team

Start you spring clean up with sprucing up the room you spend most of your time in:  your kitchen. Most homeowners think of hardware in their kitchens and baths as purely functional pulls and knobs.  There are so many on the market  today across many different price points.  Most are “nice” but generally boring.  But they don’t need to be….

Why not add in some that are just that – conversation pieces.  The photo shows a climber. It begs the question “…are you into rock climbing?”.

Love the beach? Pick up some star fish knobs.  Are you a foodie? Handles in the form of fork, knives and spoons might be just the ticket.

Yes, these speciality items are on the pricey side.  Use them as visual focal points, say on a couple of upper or lower cabinets.  Don’t overdue it – place them strategically. Have fun, there are really no right or wrongs here

As I point out in my kitchen design book “Kitchen Magic” there is only one important consideration to pay attention to when selecting hardware:

How does a knob or pull feel in your hand?  Often manufacturers seek to hide seems in the back of a handle, exactly where you hands will grab the knob.  That seem generally does not feel good to the touch.

For this reason, I recommend you always go to a showroom when selecting hardware.  Touch and feel the hardware products you buy.  Otherwise the hardware may look great in a photo but never feel good to you!


“fancy knobs” by Matt MacGillivray is licensed under CC BY 2.0