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Home Design with Eye Candy

Home Design with Eye Candy
April 17, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

Rocking chairs – what’s interesting about that?  Everything at this quality…. Use these three tests to find great furniture:

Visual: Does the piece look inviting to your eye? Laron Algren’s rocking chair is pure eye candy.  It incorporates the texture of the wood, the edges are rounded so your eye can flow around it and the finish is such that you don’t just want to look it – you want to touch it.

Functionality:  Is the piece comfortable to sit in? Wood is completely unforgiving – it does not have any “give”.  By design, the shape of a wooden chair has to therefore be perfectly molded to the human body.   The Algren rocking chair has back slats that are shaped to support one’s body perfectly.

Body Message: Do you want to get up out of the piece of furniture? Our bodies always tell us when something feels good.  For this reason, it is difficult to purchase furniture sight unseen. Laron Algren’s rocking chair meets this test as well:  For me, it was mind over matter to get up out of this chair.

Laron Algren is artisan woodworker at heart AND not surprisingly a fellow with a degree in ergonomic design.  Finely handcrafted furniture is never inexpensive.  But this rocking chair is simply exceptional and worth it.  Consider it an heirloom.