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Home Decor with Political Message

Home Decor with Political Message
April 12, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

Entrance gates have multiple purposes: There is security and then there is making a statement.  How is this one as a statement?! This homeowner is taking ‘decorative’ to a whole new level: The Statue of Liberty on the left pilaster, a Roman citizen on the right pilaster and flanking Eagles on separate pilasters on both sides… how can anyone top this?

Sadly, the ornate metal gates no longer appear to operate automatically, although the presence of walk-in gates on both sides points to the fact that at one time the main gate operated as an automatic gate to restrict vehicular access to the property.  Today, the leaves of the gate are held open by blocks of stone.  This points out how finicky gates are.  The automatic opening /closing mechanisms are effected by many things; power fluctuations are a common culprit.

Since underground conduits have to be laid for electric supply lines and trip circuits one may as well go the distance and provide the infrastructure for camera and microphone hook ups as well as for proper lighting. This appears to not have been done in this gate installation.

When gates work they create a statement of exclusivity and in conjunction with perimeter property fencing provide additional privacy.  Many top security or high-impact gates are so beautifully and ornately made that one forgets about the security dimension.  Let’s hope this elaborate gate will soon work once again and bring justice to its ambitious theme of arrival to FREEDOM, AMERICAN PROWESS and CITIZENSHIP.