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Home Décor with Nature’s Patterns

Home Décor with Nature’s Patterns
January 4, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

Can you believe this is ceramic floor tile?  It just proves:  Nature does it best.  For years… tile companies have wanted to add more organic texture to their product lines.  Today there are a few Italian companies that figured out how to take imprints from nature and specifically tree wood

Check out Provenza, whose original business – you guessed it – is wood flooring.  Unfortunately their own website is still focused on wood flooring and does not show the spectrum of these “wood tiles” well.  For this reason, we link you to a US importer.  If you are in the market for tile flooring get a hold of a sample board from you local tile store.  The moment you see and feel (!) this tile your decision is made.

Similarly, Panaria’s Rovere collection is spectacular.  It has a smoother finish than Provenza and the look of Brazillian cherry.  Since I installed it at a client’s house I can report first-hand everyone who sees is wants it.

Both lines give you thick = durable floor tile (approx. ¼” tile).  As an experiment, I tried to scratch Panaria.  The glazing is hard and resistant to scratches – the sign of quality floor tile.

If you happen to live around the greater Fairfield County area, check out LimaTile in Stamford, CT.  While the showroom is chock full of sample boards and tile samples which can be confusing, if not overwhelming LimaTile has interesting product lines.  Pricing is good. The staff is generally knowledgeable and best of all they let you take home sample boards.  So grab 5-6 different looks and figure out what works best. Live with it for a couple of days.  Experience the product in different light settings. Only then can you be sure you will love the look.

Finally, I say: Leave it to the Italians – they simply get design right:  their products have the right “Look” AND also “Feel”. Bravissimo!

With that: It’s off to the Ambiente, Europe’s largest home goods show in Frankfurt, Germany.  Back in a week with hopefully a boat-load of new home goods.