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Home Decor – Good for your SLEEP

Home Decor – Good for your SLEEP
October 9, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

Turn off the TV, keep your cell phone out of the bedroom, and pull black out curtains for your daily vacation rest at home. Give your body a natural boost of melatonin.

Have you ever slept longer in a hotel room than at home? Blackout drapes have have been the reason.  Drapes also dampen noise and, for cold climates are great heat retainers 

MELATONIN is produced during the hours that the sunlight wanes and
creates that “sleepy” feeling.  Sunshine does the opposite:  it prevents release of this hormone so you feel awake.  But the real reason you need the Melatonin is that it is a DNA protector.

Your biological clock reacts to the normal cycle of the day – we wake with the sun and should go to sleep with the sun setting.  Today’s technology shakes this up with artificial light available 24/7 and people can find themselves struggling for shut-eye just due to turning the clock upside – or keeping the light on at night.

For those first year law clerks, doctors in residency, interns and investment bankers living a 24-hour day is a show of strength, which can have repercussions.  Memory loss is seen and mental acuity is compromised.  The immune system is also compromised.

Blackout shades represent simple steps to creating better sleep and by extension better health!