Home Décor for Relaxing Movie Watching Experiences

Home Décor for Relaxing Movie Watching Experiences
February 6, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

“Sit back and relax….” are words, which go with watching movies.  But what chair is really comfortable? Big and bubble-like chairs …with cup holders are not synonymous with comfortable.

 Ergonomically designed recliners are. Check out the chair award winning Norwegian designer Svein Asbjornsen created for VAD in the Convita Collection.  Fully reclined your feet are above the heart creating a zero gravity environment.  The adjustable headrest and additional side table are welcome further fit-outs.  The overall look is stylish and modern. It comes in various colors.  The photo really does not do it justice.

Another chair is the recliner by Rolf Benz.  If there is one critical comment it is that both only come in leather which can feel a bit cold during colder winter nights. Benz offers fabric covered sofas – so why not recliners?!

 Bottom line test: A chair you really do not want to out of. VAD’s Convita recliner is exactly that chair.

 Rolf Benz Recliner