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Experiencing Home Automation’s Terrible Twos

Experiencing Home Automation’s Terrible Twos
August 12, 2016 SNH Editorial Team
Home Automation's Terrible Twos

Home automation’s terrible twos are leaving consumers frustrated. As we’ve noted on several occasions, smart tech just doesn’t completely deliver on the promise we would expect from this space.

For years we understood that smart homes would work as an assistant, predicting our needs and simplifying our lives. In some ways this has become a reality. In others we are very much disappointed. Systems are still rather complex to setup and devices don’t necessarily work well with others.

Erin Vaughan recently posed the theory of home automation experiencing the equivalent of the terrible twos in a recent article for PCWorld. We have to agree with his sentiment. The numerous protocols make it difficult to easily implement a system in a DIY manner, however the tech giants are attempting to make it easier with innovations such as Google’s Weave, Apple’s HomeKit and others.

Vaughan predicts that the next evolution will see smart technology impacting energy efficiency the most. As products become more aware of their task at hand, and more importantly how to do it efficiently, a better use of energy may be the most practical result.

Vaughan also predicts that smart surfaces will be the next frontier in smart home tech. We’ve seen this evolution and it presents some exciting opportunities. Consider a recipe for dinner projected on your counter top, smart home controls projected on a door or wall surface. By taking us away from our phones, tablets, and computers; smart devices can become more integrated and available where we need them with smart surfaces.

You can read more about Vaughan’s predictions at PCWorld: http://www.pcworld.idg.com.au/article/604502/future-home-automation/