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Green Products – From "Granola" to High-Tech Solutions

Green Products – From "Granola" to High-Tech Solutions
August 15, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

Breakthrough News: Compounds that actively clean polluted air.  Energy conservation, lower carbon footprint and the like have been the mantras in green products and green living to date.  A lot of advances in building technology has come from it. But now scientists are taking matters to a whole new level: so-called ACTIVE environmental compounds. Active cleansers such as the “…ground-breaking titania nanoparticle spray…(that neutralizes) airborne pollutants – Meet Wendy – are the next generation of breakthrough green products.

Wendy is the award-winning installation at MOMA PS1 in Queens NY by two young architects who formed the firm HWKN. Marc Kushner and Matthias Hollwich covered their installation with bright blue nylon fabric surfaced with titania nanoparticles.

32,000SF of this nylon fabric will clean the pollution created by 260 cars over the summer. WOW – this is a game changer!

You can visit this installation; walk through it at the MOMA PS1 museum.  Computer controlled wind, sound and water sprays further  add to the interconnectivity of this sculptural space.  Kudos to today’s basic material scientists and these two young architects.

Why not use such installations at the entrances of commercial buildings and venues?! Truly eye-catching.