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Green Power – Electricity in Motion

Green Power – Electricity in Motion
September 14, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

Green thinking can start with easy-to-do steps: How about your phone of coffee machine?! Charge your iPhone and/or iPad with Dexim , the Apple charger. This handy cord has visible blue light which moves along the cored while the unit is powering up and turns off when fully charged. For those of us who live with chargers plugged in throughout the house, it’s easy to forget that a device may already be fully charged and… any additional hook-up continues to draw electricity.  That’s an energy draw we DON’T want to use – and pay for.

All plugged-in appliances, lights, computers, printers, TV’s draw energy while plugged in – EVEN WHEN TURNED OFF! This is a well understood phenomenon known as  the “phantom” or “vampire” energy effect.

If you knew your phone was fully charged, would you unplug it and save further energy drain? The makers of these visible power chargers believe you would. Desim created the visible “green / eco-friendly” power charger exclusively for all apple products.  They cost around $40.

The Interactive Institute located in Sweden has a power cord  know as the Power-Aware Cord that illuminates energy we don’t forget electricity is in use.  It can be used for various devices.  The Power-Aware Cord was recognized on Time Magazine’s list of Best Inventions of 2010.

The Interactive Institute even created a worldwide traveling exhibition called “Visible Voltage” to show energy in use, to connect the user to the unseen flow of electricity as visceral and visible – so you don’t forget you are drawing on energy just be having plugged in devises.

Being reminded to unplug devices can turn common behavior into eco-friendly behavior. Get connected with the right cord!