“Green” Commitment Test right in your Garden

“Green” Commitment Test right in your Garden
May 2, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

Call it the annual dandelion test. It tells you a lot about your green vs. chemical orientation. YOU HAVE A CHOICE ! How do you…remove and manage dandelion on your property? Do you dig them out one by one, and yes, it is a pain? Or, do you spray them with weed killer for the fast way?

The answer to this simple question says a lot about your commitment to chemical and/or green property management. Do you have young children and /or pets playing on the lawn outside? If so, here is my personal experience:

After loosing a dog to melanoma of the digit a number of years ago, I cannot help but think that all the chemicals applied to lawns to those previous properties may have led or contributed to his cancer – after all his paws touched the grounds and likely the chemicals.

We just purchased a property with two landscaped acres.  The property has been neglected for many years, i.e. a lot of dandelion showed up all over it. However, my decision is easy: As my neighbors will attest, I am out there every evening digging up dandelions one by one. 

I may use a touch of weed killer in rare cases when a root is so deep that I cannot get the whole thing out. I will then cover the sprayed spot over with soil.  Next year, I hope to not use any chemicals at all.