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Green & Clean Cleaning Product

Green & Clean Cleaning Product
September 24, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

While shopping at Whole Foods one day, I came upon Absolute Green – Multi-Purpose Cleaner made of “100% Natural Pure Essential Oil”.Could this be the eco-friendly replacement of my trusted Windex?Admittedly, I use Windex a lot on everything from glass, stone counters, stainless steel metal, etc.

While I also reach for specialty products like special stone cleaners at times, Windex is what gets used in our household the most. Absolute Green has big shoes to fill since generally I am satisfied with Windex though I recognize it cannot be called a “green” product.

After several weeks of testing Absolute Green the result is: I love it – I love especially its cleaning of metal surfaces and its smell – I purchased “lemon scent”. Our stainless steel refrigerator doors, stainless exhaust hood and sink look cleaner and are without streaks (!!!!!) with Absolute Green.

Yes, at $6.99/24.5 fl oz bottle it is on the pricey side. It is still made in small production.  I will continue to buy the product both for its performance and my desire to support innovative green cleaning products with my dollars.  I hope you’ll join meBuy it online from Absolute Green – Try it yourself!

Check some of Absolute Green other products as well – easy website to navigate.