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Green Building Products start with Driveways

Green Building Products start with Driveways
May 12, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

Generally speaking, the following criteria should determine the ranking of all green building products:   (a) Type of material content, (b) Production and distribution methods,(c) Contribution to environment when installed….

KB Industries’ Flexi-Pave (a) uses recycled materials specifically ground car tires,(b) produces out of facilities located around the country, and(c) allows for water permeability AND reduces Nitrates by 83% and phosphorus by 88% after about 12 months of installation.

A study by the University of Central Florida Stormwater Management Academy provides interesting details.

In other words, not only does this paving system allow for natural water permeability into the ground, the material also scrubs fertilizers, animal feces etc from run off leading to cleaner streams, ponds, groundwater and aquifers.

Urban construction has created increasingly difficult storm water run off situations in most communities. Under the Clean Water Act Congress is tasking municipalities to achieve higher water quality levels.  Moreover, existing storm water drainage systems are commonly insufficient and overloaded leading to large-scale flooding.  The fact that Flexi-Pave improves both deficiencies makes this product a homerun.

Installation depends on soil conditions but are usually similar to other paved driveways with 4-6” compacted gravel beds.  The material can also be tinted with color pigments to create brown, green or custom colors.  Tree lovers will love this water permeable mix since tree roots can now receive water even when the material is on top roots and around the tree trunk.

Check with your LEED administrator – Flexi-Pave should qualify for 6 LEEDs categories.

Prime applications are low weight bearing paths such as golf cart and bicycle paths parking lots and driveways with traffic slower than 30 miles per hour. Installers for Flexi-Pave point to data collected in the snow bound Buffalo, NY area as to the product’s resilience in cold and snow covered regions.

In the greater NY area Flexi-Pave installations are quoted around $13.00/SF for most installations with asphalt paving generally running $3.50/SF.  This up-charge is mitigated by the likely reduction in drainage system requirements (fewer drainage lines and catch basins will be needed) but the additional environment benefits are simply immeasurable!

Take a closer look at the photo – paving that not only looks new but allows water to drain naturally. I encourage all municipalities and homeowners to check out KB Industries’ Flexi-Pave!