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Green Building Products looking to the Stars-“SOLAR STARs”

Green Building Products looking to the Stars-“SOLAR STARs”
August 17, 2015 SNH Editorial Team

It’s summer – it’s hot around the United States. What could be greener than lowering your cooling costs during the summer and your heating bills during the winter?  And what if you could accomplish both of these desired effects while using passive solar energy?! Look to the stars, I say… The “Solar Star”.

The Solar Star is a roof-mount attic fan, which addresses both of these issues.  In summer, a hot attic transfers heat to your living space. In colder climates, heat build-up in an attic can cause destructive ice damming.  Even, humidity from everyday activities can accumulate up in the attic and cause damage to the structure.  Here is a simple to install product, which takes care of both of these problems quickly and easily.

Solar Star is the most technologically advanced, environmentally-friendly ventilation solution available. It circulates air and ventilates your attic space, thus reducing air-conditioning and transforming your home into a comfortable living environment.

Powered by Solar Star’s proprietary 10-watt solar panel, the Solar Star attic fan has a whisper quiet motor, and a lightweight polymeric fan blade and integral exhaust screen that minimize motor resistance and are non-corrosive.

Better yet, the unit comes fully assembled and installs in less than 30 minutes with stainless steel mounting screws and leak-proof, seamless, one-piece flashing. You just place the unit where it is most effective: the highest point on the roof. No electricity required. This is green technology at its best – easy and effective. This is a case of simple solutions that work.

Since Solar Star qualifies under green building products check to see about a 30% Federal Tax Credit as well. BE COOL !