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Time to "un-smog" your Home?

Time to "un-smog" your Home?
April 30, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

Fact:  Your house is effectively enveloped by electricity at all times – not just when you plug in the hair dryer and turn on a light.  It works and we hardly ever think about it. We accept this convention.  Though… more and more critical voices speak of serious health hazards of today’s electro smog and point to the wastefulness of electricity in such a constant supply system.

Since the inventions of Thomas Edison there have not really been any major technology breakthroughs in home electrical systems.  There have been safety upgrades but that’s it. John La Grou’s “EFCI’s” – Electrical Fault Circuit Interrupters challenge this system.

How do EFCI’s work?  They essentially reverse the entire delivery.  With EFCI’s current only runs when it is called for from switching on a light or appliance, for example.

LaGrou also points out that insurance statistics consider faulty wiring the leading cause of house fires in the US today.   Non-active EFCT circuits should greatly improve safety standards.  Young children who commonly want to stick their little fingers into outlets are also more protected since no current is present in the lines unless activated by a device.

It makes so much sense, but boy, it will be a massive undertaking to change the fundamental electrical system in homes.

Just think about the millions of homes, offices and industrial facilities that today are constantly drawing electricity – buildings that could be safer, healthier and use so much less electricity!

Here is a  presentation by John LaGrou himself.  Watch watching!