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Portable Tabletop Fireplaces – Gift Home Goods

Portable Tabletop Fireplaces – Gift Home Goods
January 7, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

MUST-HAVE cool Home Improvement Products for friends and family – gifts they will want to have and will enjoy for months to come….It’s cold and wintery outside.  Time to cuddle up in front of a fireplace with a good book and a cup of tea.   To those of us who do not have a whole fireplace: do not despair – this is the perfect way to a warm, romantic fire.

There are great new portable, so-called tabletop fireplaces. Small ones start around $75 larger units run around $200 – the perfect gift.  Like candles these tabletop fireplaces create romantic ambience. In addition, they will warm the room much like a built-in fireplace does. There are quite a number of online resources including Soothing FirePlaces.

Many have tempered glass surrounding the open flame.  Others have an exposed flame.

Have a friends desiring bathroom remodels? These fireplaces are the perfect touch of luxury to add into any bath.

As spring approaches and we again think about our gardens, take one of these portable fireplaces outside to warm up a bit nippy early spring evenings.  It’s  always great to sit around a fire.

There is no requirement for any flue.  Most are run by liquid ethanol and have a 3-5 hour burn time.  They are stylish looking.  Most have a simple base with glass panels surrounding the flame.

Since these are relatively new this is one gift most people likely do not have yet and will warmly remember you for. Get the one that most appeals to you and your friends!

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