A Great Example of Sustainably Sourced Material

A Great Example of Sustainably Sourced Material
April 13, 2016 SNH Editorial Team
Sustainably Sourced Material

At Sabine’s New House we like to get a little green and in the groove with mother nature. Which is why, when we discovered Hull Forest Products, we couldn’t wait to learn more about sustainably sourced material and how they make their beautiful wide plank flooring.

What caught our attention is their core commitment to sustainable forestry.  Hull Forest Products has been recognized with award winning status for their woodland management practices which work with private and public landowners throughout southern New England and eastern New York to manage over 30,000 acres of woodland.

When you meet with the team at Hull you can tell that conservation is in their DNA. They have a passion and reverence for wood and see themselves as stewards of the resource from which they derive their signature product.  This family run sawmill has been operating for half a century in northern Connecticut and provides a wide range of products, from wide plank flooring which you’ll see in The Greenwich House, paneling, post and beam timbers, board and batten siding, and standard green and kiln dried lumber. And the conservation efforts are critical as they work to create healthy forests that allow them to produce over 10 million board feet of products annually.

If you are looking to go extra green with your next project, utilizing Hull Forest Products materials can help build credits as their products are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for forest management and Rainforest Alliance certified for chain of custody.

The family’s commitment to forestry is solidified through the Hull Family Land Trust which has permanently protected thousands of acres of prime southern New England forestland from development, helping to preserve the working forests that form the backbone of the region’s rural character.  The forests provide a working landscape for diverse plant and wildlife habitats, scenic views, carbon sequestration, open spaces and recreational opportunities.

Watch their video on woodland management to see more of their passion for forestry.