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Episode 22: Glass Installation Adds Entryway Drama

Episode 22: Glass Installation Adds Entryway Drama
April 25, 2016 SNH Editorial Team

When we first started renovating the Greenwich House, the entry was dark and uninviting. Now, within the same footprint, it’s been expanded upwards 22 feet where a stunning glass installation is creating a new sense of drama in the space.

Simple elements, like this glass installation, can really increase the overall appeal of an entryway and you shouldn’t be afraid to embark on the small extra cost that leaves you with a tremendous amount of impact. Installing glass panels like this isn’t very hard, but there are some key things that you should consider.  At The Greenwich House, Sabine wanted to make sure that the frosted film on the panels matched that of the front door.  They also wanted to make sure the film acted to effectively diffuse the LED lighting that would make this feature pop.

Another challenge that the team had to contend with was how to get the glass panels up to their final position. What they discovered when they arrived on site was that some of the conditions had changed (they now had stairs to aid in how to transport the panels up) and some creative ingenuity was deployed to bring the panels up to the attic space where they could easily be slid into place.

Watch as Mark Chapman and his crew from National Glass & Mirror Company walk us through installing these large glass accents in our ceiling.

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