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UPDATE: Give your Home a "Nest"

UPDATE: Give your Home a "Nest"
January 14, 2014 SNH Editorial Team

Googles purchase of Nest points to Nest’s great design and hints and smart home features to come.  We told your about it back in 2011.  Now Nest is coming to a big stage.  Here again are more details …

Nest” takes smart thermostat technology to another level: The Nest learns your heating and cooling settings/body desires over time (usually one week) and then automatically programs itself to those levels.  Wow!

Nest is simple to operate.  It is affordable: $249.00 at BestBuy.  New Nest shipments are scheduled to arrive in January. Be on the look-out because they will simply fly off the shelves.  Installers are anxious to receive their allotments.  Get yourself on their lists!

One word of caution: Nest’s website proposes for homeowners to install their Nest thermostat themselves.  Such DYI efforts are not the way to success for most homeowners.  Interviewed heating and air-conditioning installation companies are expecting lot’s of calls on failed do-it-yourself installations.

The development of the Nest thermostat is one more example of the ever rapidly progressing technology advancements in home improvement products…..INDEED!