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Get Your Garage Ready For Old Man Winter: 3 Simple Winterizing Tips

Get Your Garage Ready For Old Man Winter: 3 Simple Winterizing Tips
December 22, 2016 SNH Editorial Team
garage winterizing

Winterizing the garage can help protect important items stored there – surplus food, portable generator, tools and of course, vehicles – and ensure garage access is always available. Chamberlain®, manufacturer of the most advanced garage door openers for more than 40 years and of one of the top connected-home brands in the industry, offers three easy suggestions.

Install a Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup and Adequate Horsepower

Snow, ice and wind storms frequently disrupt electrical service. For garages with door openers, these electrical outages can make it difficult and sometimes impossible to open the garage door. This can mean missed appointments, commute delays, and lack of access to important items stored in the garage.

A simple solution is installing a garage door opener with battery backup. An opener with battery backup provides peace of mind and vital access to the garage when the power is out. Chamberlain’s Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener with Smartphone Control comes equipped with a battery back-up unit, as well as built in Wi-Fi and smartphone connectivity to allow consumers to see if their garage door is open, and to close it from anywhere.

For people who live in climates where freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall are frequent, it’s important to have a garage door opener with the power to open in extreme conditions. Openers equipped with 1-1/4 horsepower, such as Chamberlain’s Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener with Smartphone Control, provide enough oomph to open the garage door on the coldest of mornings when the garage door sticks to the ground or when snow piles up.

Install Adequate Insulation

Another way to prepare the garage for the winter months is installation of insulation. Extremely cold temperatures can damage cars and other expensive equipment stored in the garage, and even the garage door opener. One popular insulation is foam board, which is sold in rigid panels that can be cut to size and installed in one or two layers in the recesses between the garage’s framing.

Upgrade Your Weather Stripping

A third idea for winterizing the garage is upgrading the weather stripping. It’s important to check for gaps at entry doors and windows, as well as the seal at the threshold where the garage door meets the ground. If the weather stripping appears worn or damaged, it’s time to be replaced. Garage door weather stripping will not only keep out the cold, but also rain, insects and anything else that could find its way under the door.

“Since the garage door is the entry point to many homes, and more than 70 percent of U.S. households use their garage door as the main entry point to the home, winterizing your garage door ensures that if there’s a power outage, you’ll still be able to access your home,” said Michael Welk, Senior Marketing Manager, Chamberlain. “Getting your garage ready for winter weather will save you time and money, and provide peace of mind knowing that your family and home are safe from the elements.”