Garden – Timing is Everything

Garden – Timing is Everything
September 22, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

When do you prune overgrown shrubs?  Is fall the right time?NO!  Here is a simple rule: When leaves come or fall don’t touch your shrubs.  Wait until your plants are fully dormant. A good time is between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

These hornbeams are beautiful, almost statuesque but they are beginning to cover the window.  They are getting to be a bit tall as well.  Look for a photo once they are pruned over the Holidays.

Never prune in the spring! It can stunt them. When your plants and shrubs push out new growth don’t touch them.  If you feel you have to shape your shrubs wait until end of May/early June.

When it comes to pruning, stay with these two times zones so that your shrubs are cooperative and beautiful in your garden for years to come.