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Garden Fun

Garden Fun
August 19, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

It’s never too late to add great planters to your garden, porch and/or terrace.  Already mums are in the stores…. – fall is not far.  But who knows, our weather seems to be erratic so perhaps we will have an unusually warm September or even October. Look at the variety of great materials in these planters- from banana leaf to various natural and pressed, stained reeds.

What should you look for in a planter?  A plastic liner with holes at the bottom to let water run out.  Plants do not like to have their feet in wet soggy soil.  The is key!!!

On a porch you might not want water to run out of your planters.  Simply add another plastic or metal container at the bottom to catch the run off.  Empty the water once in a while so that the water does not smell.

Add some small stones to the bottom of the container so water can drip there.  Concerned about weight? Take Styrofoam packing pellets instead of stone.

It’s never to late to start another great planter!